Money Spiders

While we’re on the subject of common spiders everyone loves (but especially me), here are some money spiders. They are best known for being a) small and b) no seriously, they’re just so very tiny

tiny spider
L. sp. being all tiny and small

Quick Spider Facts
Money spiders are a collection of over 4000 species in the family Linyphiidae, which are almost uniformly tiny dark spiders and most can only be told apart by an expert with a microscope.
They tend to be 2-3 mm long.
They are about as harmless to people as it is possible to get; you can’t even really choke on one if you eat it for some reason. It’s OK, I won’t judge. You weirdo.
They are found worldwide.

The name ‘money spider’ comes from widespread folk myths linking these spiders to good financial fortune. In many countries, it was said that if a money spider lands on you, it’s there to spin you a new set of clothes! In my childhood, I remember twirling money spiders round my head three times before letting them go, to bring me good luck. (I’m fairly sure that’s an actual thing and not just something I made up?) And if you kill one, well, say goodbye to ever having money again – but why would you want to kill such a tiny little thing?

another very tiny spider
You can’t handle how tiny these are.

Young spiders of many species perform a behaviour called ‘ballooning’, where they climb up high and spin a short length of silk, with which they can catch the wind and parachute to a new area. Spiders have been found floating through the upper atmosphere this way, and they can travel distances of many miles much faster and more safely than they could manage on foot. As they are so small, money spiders can do this throughout their entire lives, and it’s common for a whole swarm of them to land in one place together and be gone the next day! Look out for them in your town, so that you may harvest their luck for yourself.


Money Spiders

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